It’s Spring, for Serious

Winter in Belgium is a sad affair indeed. The influenza cloud descends upon the entire country and faithfully waits outside for anyone requiring human contact or a bite to eat. The sun forgets all about this country. Belgium? Where’s that again? Well, I think he’s remembering, because I’ve seen him more and more around these parts.

If you’ve been desperately awaiting spring like I have, and a vitamin D overdose seems like a natural antidote for an overdose of seasonal depression, you’ll be happy to see the following signs of spring pop up here and there.

You know it’s spring when:

  • There’s flowers. No, not the plastic orchids on your window sill. The wild kind, on cherry trees and stuff.
  • Your gloves spend more time in the bag than on your hands.
  • Human flesh blinds you more often with its yet unseemly presence. Too premature, almost indecent in its faith in a sun tan.
  • First tank tops make an appearance (yes, even when you still got your Uggs on)

Happy Spring, everybody!