Family Popcorn Addiction

I drink a lot of tea, and I’m always on the lookout for snacks that go with it. The other day I tried sweet popcorn. I always take the salty kind at the movies, but, for some reason, I reached out for a bag of the sweet stuff at the supermarket. That was the start of an addiction that spread like wildfire through the family.

It’s gone so far that I have to hide my stash and eat it behind closed doors, far away from sharp young ears that can hear a crackle a mile away. Actually, it’s not the whole family that’s addicted. The father has managed to stay immune to our new hobby.

Anton’s popcorn consuming style consists of eating one at a time and then working it off with a vigorous stroll around the house. But you can be sure he’ll be back for more. Just set the bait up at the edge of the table, and soon enough you’ll see his little hand creep up from below and snatch the sugary treat faster than you can say “haven’t you had enough???”

Norah is big enough to get her own bowl. But she does have to earn it by finishing her meal. Once she gets her portion, she crams herself into a corner on the couch and guards her treasure with zeal and growl. I nod in agreement. We are all partners in popcorn fanaticism.

How long will it last? Not sure. For now, my job is to keep the supply going strong and make sure ‘popcorn’ is always an item on the grocery list.