Little Mole – Heavy Metal Version


This song is not about the Mexican sauce, nor the skin irregularities. It’s about the animal. It’s one of our favorite songs for Norah to sing. We have other earlier versions of it, which I’ll be posting later when I dig them out.

This is the latest installment of Norah’s variations on the theme. Here’s a rough translation of the song:

Under the ground,
Under the ground
There lives a mole
With its coat of fur.

He digs a hall
Ten meters long.
Sand on his muzzle
And sand on his cheek.

Little mole is almost blind.
That can maybe be dangerous.
Little mole,
Soon enough you’ll hit your head.
Better put your glasses on for good.

Norah is a great master of disguise and this heavy metal version clearly captures this quality of hers. She inspires her brother to do the same. He’s already practicing ‘the voice’. Soon we’ll be posting his version, no doubt.

The photograph is from her birthday party in 2012.