Anton’s Doodles 2014

Anton's Doodles 2014

Just because he’s one and a half, doesn’t mean he cannot get his own little spot in our family gallery. Anton discovered drawing in April this year, and judging by his ‘Ooooh’s’, his ‘Aaaaaaah’s’ and a very dirty body for me to wash, he’s ecstatic with his new discovery. He can never get enough color and paper. And desks, and chairs, and floor… Basically, everything that is in his vicinity while he’s creating.

Here are some of the highlights of his first year as a marker virtuoso. I think I detect some pointillist tendencies, which is confirmed by the state of the markers’ tips when he’s done. There’s also a serious touch of Fauvism in his bold, colorful and confident marker strokes. Critics are gonna critique…