Don’t Hurry Be Happy

Don't hurry be happy

On the eve of our holiday journey to France, I ran into this quote in a magazine and it inspired me to make a little vacation collage. While I was working on it, I thought about what I want from this holiday and how to best achieve that.

Well, first and foremost, I want to slow down. I don’t want to drive too fast. I don’t want to run at break neck speed to the beach. I don’t want to look for the last page of the chapter while I’m still on the first. I don’t want to plan dinner while I’m ignoring the morning croissant.

I will dutifully take my supplements and stay hydrated. My sister is a stewardess, she knows all about that. She nags me about the water all the time. Well, I’ll do it on holiday. I’ll even drop a lemon wedge in there, just for the hell of it. I won’t drink too much coffee and I won’t start smoking either. Not that I was planning on it.

I’ll get creative with the kids. We’ll sing and draw. I’ll do better than that. A drawing a day, that’s what I’ll do. We’ll make a drawing a day and then make a holiday storyboard out of it. Can’t wait to see what we come up with!

I’ll take that green frame around with us and make it a holiday worth of framing!

Well, this turned out to be more like some kind of holiday manifesto. And I actually had to hurry to finish it on time. But the hurrying stops as soon as I hit the publish button. Ready, set, PUBLISH! …and get happy.