The Mysterious Hairdresser

Still feeling remotely guilty after tricking Norah into dressing up as Dracula for carnival, and always on the lookout for opportunities to make it up to her, lo and behold, one such opportunity arose last weekend. The city was transformed into a stage for circus and cabaret acts to delight, frighten and amaze both young and old. There were tons of extraordinary and ‘magical’ activities for kids to do.

The Mysterious Hairdresser was one such experience. You couldn’t possibly miss him. He was the one surrounded by an impenetrable circle of little female admirers, following his every move and praying to be the next ‘chosen one’. The Hairdresser created whimsical hairstyles, always new, always delightful and definitely a source of great envy. He worked gracefully and swiftly to the sounds of classical hits, such as Bizet’s Toreador. He would spray, and pull, curl, insert flowers, twigs and even birds! Every single girl desired to be under his spell.

Norah didn’t wait to be chosen. As soon as the chair was empty, she just pushed herself through the crowd of obedient and hopeful contenders, straight into the seat of honor. The Hairdresser was first shocked by such insolence and refused to service her. But, perhaps slightly worried about his reputation as a crowd pleaser and maybe secretly admiring Norah’s determination, he finally yielded. After which, Norah settled herself comfortably in the chair and surrendered to the magic of the mysterious transformation.

The Mysterious Hairdresser

Norah under the spell of the Mysterious Hairdresser

The result was an ecstatic little girl with a hair full of glitter spray and questionable natural and unnatural objects. She glowed with pride and coyly lowered her gaze whenever anyone stopped to admire her. I can now safely say that the Dracula score has finally been settled.

For my part, I loved watching the guy work. In fact, he would be a great addition to any birthday party, if you can afford him. In any case, if you are ever in France or Europe in general, look him up. He just might be passing through a town near you. And, who knows, you just might be chosen to experience the magic of a mysterious hair metamorphosis.