Happy 2015

Since end of year is traditionally resolution time, I approached the members of my family with the following:

What would you like to start, stop or learn next year?

Father was resolute: “SMOKING! I want to stop smoking! It stinks, it’s bad and I’m gonna die…” Nth time is the charm? Let’s not get too excited, but let’s not be too apathetic either and strive to demonstrate that most fragile and unobtrusive state of platonic solidarity.

Norah casually proposed to stop setting the table for dinner, which, at this point, is her only fixed house chore. At the sight of our reaction of absolute dismay, she immediately made amends for her request by expressing an interest in learning something, although not sure what exactly.

Anton: “Argh.” I hope that means watching less tv…

Me… Well, for the first time, I actually don’t feel like catching the resolution bug. I know exactly which aspects of my life require attention, but I’ve seen enough resolutions to grow weary of their hasty and fickle nature. If I had to choose a wish it would be to develop a steady and sustained approach to making changes. It’ll take some figuring out, but I know I’ll get there.

Bonus – auntie Chummy‘s (far right) resolution: “I want to learn flamenco! That’s what I want to do!” Great choice, my dear. If I had half your temperament, I would certainly put it to good use like that.