Last Day Of School


The last day of school was awesome! We saw the movie the Incredibles. My friends and I ate lots of cookies, popcorn, chips, and chocolate.  I had lots of fun and I will miss my friends. I feel very sad because some of my friends are moving and never coming back. Just like I did to my friends. On the way home on the bus, I saw teachers waving and crying… I talked to my friends, Nika, Mattheo, Juliana, and Justin. We talked and talked. When it was almost my bus stop, I started getting my stuff together, my backpack, my project, a giant garbage bag full of stuff, a giant stuffed giraffe, and my other bag. But OH NO!!! My garbage bag was stuck in the seats! I and Juliana kicked and kicked the garbage bag for 5 minutes till it got out. There was a hole in the bag. But it was fine. Finally, when it was my bus stop, My dad wasn’t there! But it wasn’t his fault. He was helping my brother across the street. But thankfully my house was from across the street so I went across. When I got inside, I went to my room to do my homework. I thought of my friends and started crying. My dad came to cheer me up. He told me that I was allowed to go to the park! I finished my work fast and went to the park. Nika, Justin, and Juliana were there with water guns. We played and until it started raining. We were being patient and waited for it to stop raining. And guess what? It stopped raining! Soon I went home to eat dinner. When I finished eating dinner, I went to sleep with my brother, Anton. He is scared of thunder, that’s why he slept with me. I read some of my book, Harry Potter And The Order Of the Phoenix. Then I went to bed and waited until the next day…



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    Alicia Kolesnikova

    Great job, Nori! I hope you feel better soon. You will see your friends again in September. Keep writing. I look forward to your next post. Hugs. (:

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      I’m happy that you like it!

  • That was my first post so it isn’t the best.

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