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These pages are dedicated especially to my family and friends spread out across the globe. I often get to hear: “How are you guys doing?” “What do you look like now?” “Are the kids all grown up?” So, I decided to answer all those questions and more on a regular basis, right here at Family&Ko.

This is not, however, a strict record of events. It’s also an artistic exploration of what it means to be a modern family. Reality and fiction often cross each other for us to find truth and clarity.

All of this becomes a sort of unofficial archive for my kids. Something they can dig into and explore at will as they grow older. I lost most of my childhood memories somewhere along the many moves my tiny family was forced to endure. I have very few pictures, rescued on one visit back to Russia and Cuba. I have absolutely no videos and no records of events. My greatest wish is for my kids not to suffer the same fate. Having memories means having an identity. It means knowing where you come from and, maybe therefore, a better idea of where you want to go.

Family & friends, both present & future, welcome.

PS: Why the Ko. with a ‘K’? It’s a little nod to my last name ‘Kolesnikova’, which is different from the rest of the family. And since I(mother) assume the role of observer and scribe as well as Memory Curator in Chief, I’m both part of the family and on the outside looking in…

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