The Ones We Leave Behind

I’ve been postponing writing this. I kept myself busy. I go have coffee at Starbucks. I fire up my laptop and plot my winning…

The Spice Thief Evidence

The Spice Thief

When the Spice Thief strikes he operates swiftly and decisively.

Orchid in lamp light


Orchids: not as huggable as cats, but maybe just as delightful.


The Zoo

Portraits at the zoo: meet the extended family.


The Birds

Run for cover! Parrot attack at the zoo.

Don't hurry be happy

Don’t Hurry Be Happy

How will you be spending your holiday? Whatever you decide, nice ‘n’ easy does it every time.

The Mysterious Hairdresser

The Mysterious Hairdresser

The eternal love affair between a woman and her hairdresser starts very early indeed. Here’s Norah’s first mysteriously beautiful experience.