Random Access Creep

Like danger creeping into the ‘plain world of Hitchcock characters’, Random Access Memories from Daft Punk has slowly infiltrated our ordinary lives.

Demolition Mode

Demolition Mode

It’s the end of the school year, so what better time for a demolition… of the SCHOOL!!!


Ballet or Circus School?

It’s that time of the development life cycle. No, not the software life cycle, you IT nerds, the child development life cycle.

Alicia Kolesnikova2013-08-10-4

Self-Portrait With Burst Appendix

These photographs were taken two days before the crash. The appendix burst exactly two days after this nature-morte with crushed pomegranate.


Wok With Me

Wok-ing is a serious commitment. Will you wok with me?

Bye bye Tante Maria

To say that Tante Maria, ‘tante’ being Dutch for ‘aunt’, expected little from life would be an understatement. The following dialogue quoted by my…